Part-time course
Diploma in DevOps

Cloud is on the rise. All companies are transitioning into the cloud and the demand for cloud-native skills including DevOps is ever-growing. On this Diploma in DevOps course, you will use tools like Kubernetes and Docker, paired with DevOps oriented programming languages like Python and Go.

Successful digital transformations require a partnership between IT leaders and the business, and IT leaders must function as the catalyst within their IT organisation to drive digital transformations. The digital transformation also requires the reskilling of IT.  According to Gartner: “70% of employees have not mastered the skills they need for their jobs today, and 80% lack the skills needed for both their current role and their future career.” The DevOps movement is one evolution to change how IT organizations are delivering core technology, services and products to support the business’s digital opportunities.

Being able to build cloud-friendly software is a competitive advantage in the modern jobs market. And, according to David Gonzalez, lecturer and DevOps Consultant with Nearform, DevOps is to technology what management consulting is to business. Not only automation but transformation.


This Diploma in DevOps course aims to provide developers and system administrators with cloud skills facilitating the onboarding into DevOps methodologies. The diploma programme will be delivered via practical exercises with the objective of learning how to run applications in a managed Kubernetes cluster deployed in cloud.

DevOps Block 1 – Introduction (2 sessions)
On this block, we will lay the foundation of DevOps and what has to do with modern IT systems. The content of the course will be exposed and the final project presented in order to set the expectations.

DevOps Block 2 – Docker (3 sessions)

  • Docker Images
  • Docker Containers
  • Architecture of the Docker engine
  • Dockerize applications

DevOps Block 3 – Google Cloud Platform (2 sessions)

  • Google Cloud Platform Introduction
  • Google Compute Engine
  • GKE: Managed Kubernetes

Dev Ops  Block 4 – Kubernetes on GCP (6 sessions)

  • Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Running Docker containers in Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes friendly applications
  • Secret management
  • Continuous delivery

Assessment will be carried via project development which will be developed alongside the course as the content evolves.

This programme provides a strong foundation in DevOps. On successful completion of the Diploma in DevOps graduates should be able to progress from their current position into a DevOps role by leveraging the cloud-native skills that have been exposed in the programme.

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