CCT College Dublin is one of Ireland’s leading professional and higher education institutions, providing Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) internationally recognised validated programmes within the disciplines of Computing, Information Technology, and Business. Established in 2005, CCT boasts a state of the art campus in the heart of Dublin’s bustling city centre, with unrivalled public transport accessibility, and is home to a vibrant community of staff and learners from around the world.

The College was founded as ‘College of Computing Technology (CCT)’, a specialist college providing education and training programmes in Computing. However, as CCT has evolved and expanded to include its Faculty of Business, with Business programmes, the established branding of ‘CCT’ has been retained, with the new name incorporating where the College is based – Dublin, Ireland.

The College offers full and part time programmes, including evening and weekend programmes. CCT’s programmes are career-aligned and designed and delivered to encourage students to develop a sound mix of theoretical, practical, and up-to-date knowledge, skills, and know-how. CCT’s academic programmes are accredited by QQI and developed and reviewed by subject matter experts and industry specialists to ensure the curriculum is engaging, up to date and enhances the employability of learners as graduates. CCT employs highly experienced and qualified lecturers and trainers, providing the very best international standards of teaching and learning excellence. Dedicated student support services and a careers service are provided as part of CCT’s commitment to every student’s journey.

CCT College Dublin Mission

The Mission of CCT College Dublin is to provide learners with accessible and flexible higher education opportunities, and professional development programmes within the fields of Computing, Information Technology, and Business that reflect current and emerging knowledge and practices relevant to the learner and to employers.

 Through a learner-centred culture of enquiry, innovation and excellence, we challenge our learners, staff, and other stakeholders to create, apply, and share knowledge and values in a supportive, responsive, caring, and vibrant learning environment.

CCT is committed to developing graduates with personal and professional knowledge and skills that will enable them to undertake the roles, responsibilities and challenges posed by business, industry, the professions, public service and society.

CCT College Dublin Vision

CCT’s main Vision as a leading college of higher education, is to transform lives through excellence in teaching and learning and by inspiring our teachers, students, and graduates.

We will do this through:

  •  Inspiring a lifelong passion for learning, exploration and discovery that will ensure leadership with a global outlook and innovative approaches to sustainable economic, social, cultural and personal development.
  • Embracing access, equality of opportunity and progression in order that our diverse learner population is empowered to succeed as citizens of a challenging world.
  • Blending theory with applied enquiry, industry-aligned, scholarly, professional and vocational pursuits with scientific and creative expression in the broad disciplines of Business and Information Communications Technology. Through these we serve to improve our region, our country and our world.
  • Championing a co-operative teaching and research culture that connects with other higher education institutions, schools, industry, local communities, government and non-governmental development agencies.
  • Actively nurturing continuous enhancement of all of our relationships to progress excellence in innovation, knowledge transfer and reputation in an international higher education landscape.

CCT Values

We are committed to:

  • excellence in teaching, learning, assessment, and innovation
  • providing a student-centred, supportive learning environment
  • recognising that our achievements are built on the expertise and commitment of our staff
  • actively encouraging and promoting social inclusion and diversity
  • making a positive impact on our local, national, and international communities
  • Operating in an ethical, accountable, and transparent manner in all we do
  • continually striving to facilitate enhancement and an innovative approach to education

Company Registration Details

CCT College Dublin is the trading name of CCT Education Limited, a company limited by shares and registered in Ireland.

Registered Number: 390136
Registered Office: 30-34 Westmoreland St., Dublin 2

Equality Action Plan

CCT College Dublin is committed to delivering programmes of education and training whilst providing all other related services, in a manner which accommodates diversity, combats discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity. Find out more!


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