The College of Computing Technology (CCT) Alumni Association was established in 2006.

The main aim for this community is to maintain lifelong links with our graduates, to track their career development and provide support for their future.  Our graduates are a crucial and valuable reflection of the performance and practice of the college.

Further goals of our Alumni Office are:

  • provide opportunities for alumni to network, build and maintain positive working relationships through various events and programs
  • establish communication via newsletters, receptions, reunions, and advisory groups
  • promote and facilitate the Association’s services and develop opportunities that will support and benefit its members and the Association
  • raise awareness of the Association to alumni, former students, staff and industry
  • provide recognition for alumni accomplishments
  • strengthen links between existing college students & alumni and
  • forge positive, interactive partnerships and promote goodwill with other alumni associations

Membership of the association is automatic for the following groups:

  • those who have pursued and completed academic courses leading to graduation from the College
  • those who have pursued professional qualifications through the College
  • those who have completed short-term or modular programmes at the College
  • those who initiated their studies (academic or professional) with the College but have
    qualified elsewhere.

We also have the opportunity to support our former student and graduates with the development of specific seminars, conferences, lectures and societies. We are continually looking to increase the opportunities available for you to engage with CCT.  We hope that you will avail of the links we maintain with many of the top IT multinational corporations and private companies around Ireland.

To ensure you are included in the CCT Alumni Association, please contact the college at:, but please ensure you are connected to our LinkedIn page.