Refund Policy for Students

CCT will not refund fees to any learner after they have formally registered for and commenced a programme, except in extenuating circumstances which are at the discretion of CCT. All refunds are subject to an administration charge. No refund will be made to learners who register on a programme, and consequently fail to attend classes and/or who withdraw and do not finish the scheduled course.    International visa-seeking learners who have pre-paid and whose visa is refused before arriving to Ireland and classes start are entitled to a refund of full fees paid, minus a €350 administration and registration charge.

Whilst it is a highly unusual occurrence, CCT reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any course at any time.  In the unlikely event of cancellation of a course, full pre-paid fees will be refunded.  Some CCT part time and professional programmes include separately paid examination fees.  All examination fees are non-refundable and are subject to change in accordance with external validating body’s regulations.

View the College refund policy here