Message from the President

Neil Gallagher CCT College Dublin President

“Welcome to CCT College Dublin. As one of Ireland’s leading specialist colleges in the areas of Computing and Business studies, and with a comprehensive range of part-time, full-time, corporate, and semester abroad courses within these areas, we trust you will find a programme of education and training to suit your needs.

CCT College Dublin affords a personal touch to its students, with small class sizes promoting an interactive learning atmosphere, and an excellent student service. We foster a dynamic, student-centred, international learning environment, which promotes individual potential. CCT is an Irish state approved higher education provider of QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) validated programmes in Ireland.

All programmes provided by CCT are innovatively developed with a practical, industry relevant focus. An integral part of our education and training provision, is a personal and professional development stream, running parallel to academic studies. This embodies the ethos and spirit of CCT, to furnish students with opportunities to enhance and improve personal skills, career skills, and to complete globally recognised industry certification running parallel to academic programmes.

CCT Faculty staff share a common goal to continually improve and facilitate the enhancement of Teaching and Learning. The considerable ongoing research effort by senior faculty members at the college, marks CCT’s commitment to the enhancement of teaching and learning within the ICT and Business Education areas.

The College is proud of its truly international student body, representing learners from 50 countries. CCT is part of the Central Application Office (CAO) scheme, and also comes under the Education in Ireland national brand, managed by Enterprise Ireland, under the authority of the Irish Minister for Education & Skills.

We aim to facilitate students in their quest to Learn, Empower, Ascend. Your enhanced learning and employability is our goal. Our dedicated careers service, and employability stream running through each programme of education, helps you realise your potential.

We invite you to study the information available on this website. Whether you are a prospective or current student, a parent, guidance counsellor, teacher, business or academic partner, community group, or international associate, we would be delighted to engage in more detail about what CCT can offer you.”

Neil Gallagher
College President

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