Faculties at CCT College Dublin


CCT College Dublin currently has two Faculties of education and training, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT)  Faculty, and the Faculty of Business.  Both faculties are led and managed by our Faculty Heads, who report to Graham Glanville, Dean of School (photographed here).  Graham, in his capacity as Dean of School, has a leading role in the overall programmatic and academic development of Higher Education programmes, and is the head of CCT’s Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Graham has been lecturing in the fields of Business and IT for over twelve years and holds an MSc in Strategic Information Systems Analysis, and is currently a Doctor of Education candidate at the University of Hertfordshire, U.K. Graham’s research areas are Student Engagement, Social Learning and cultivating academic Self-Efficacy in Higher Education. Graham is also an associate member of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, a Programme Committee member of the International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP), and an editorial board member of the DBS Dublin Review journal.

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