Student Experience

Student Information System – Moodle

Registered students of CCT obtain access to the CCT Student Information System, Moodle. Moodle is a central point for your student information needs.  General detailed information on your programme, module and semester details, are readily available and instantly accessible.

The system provides you with an ongoing record of your grades achieved for each module during the semesters. This single system keeps you informed, about college news and events, announcements and timetables, helping to ensure you get the best student experience while studying at CCT.

Moodle is a fully web based application and provides a single point of access for all your learning needs at CCT on and off campus. After you have enrolled in your course, you will have instant access to the CCT library online catalogue and to the CCT Moodle Virtual Learning Environment for your courses, to further your study straight away.

To help you better budget and keep on top of your finances while studying at CCT,  the systems also provides a student finance management section, keeping you informed and up to date with your student fees and all payments that have been made to date.


The open source Course Management System that is Moodle was launched at CCT in
September 2006. Students can access course notes of full and part-time courses,
past exam papers, sample assessments, and conduct various online exams and
assignments in relation to the course material they are studying. Students can also
keep abreast of important social and academic dates in the semester schedule with
Moodle, and make online assessment submissions. Moodle provides another online tool to supplement class learning at CCT.

All students receive access to the College Moodle system at Programme Induction.
You can access the CCT Moodle site by clicking here.