20th Dec 2013

A Degree in Computing Makes You Highly Employable – HEA

A degree in computing makes you highly employable, and increases the likelihood that you will find a job in Ireland soon after graduating, according to statistics released this morning by the Higher Education Authority.

What Do Graduates Do? The Class of 2012 is the latest in a series of studies aimed at determining the first destination of university graduates at a point nine months after leaving higher education. The report shows that Irish computing graduates are achieving excellent employment rates. 73% of level eight (B.Sc. Hons) graduates and 82% of level nine (M.Sc.) and ten (Ph.D.) graduates were in employment.

For the 2012 level eight computing graduates, 90% are in employment or further study. The full picture is:

• 73% in employment

– 66% in Ireland (highest of all study areas)

– 7% overseas

• 17% in further study or training

• 8% seeking employment

• 2% unavailable for work/study

Also of extreme importance, computing graduates are getting jobs that their studies are relevant to. 89% of level eight computer graduates and 95% of level nine and ten graduates found their courses relevant to their subsequent employment. This is in stark contrast to the 31% of level eight and 55% nine/ten arts and humanities graduates finding relevance between what they studied and their employment.

HEA Chief Executive, Tom Boland, said: “The recent focus on expanding higher education capacity to produce Computer Science graduates is well-founded on the basis of the very strong employment outcomes and these graduates are now among the most employable and in demand at home and internationally.”

The full report is available at: http://hea.ie/node/1020