Prospective Students

Visa Information for Visa-seeking International students

All students holding a Non-EU passport are required to have a valid student visa to study in Ireland. However, some nationalities are not required to have a visa prior to travelling to Ireland and the student visa can be awarded shortly you arrive in the country. Details on whether or not you require a visa, may be found here: click here.

For students who do need a visa to enter Ireland, it is recommended that you contact the Irish Embassy or Consulate in your country for full visa information.

For a successful visa application the following documents should be submitted at a minimum (this is a guide only, and full information should be sought from the Irish Visa Authorities). Please note that other supporting documents may be required and students should contact their local Irish Embassy or Consulate to obtain information on the full documentation required or visit for full information.

1. Visa application form
2. Student visa declaration form
3. Education documents from high school and university where applicable
4. English proficiency certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL
5. Evidence of finances – you should be able to demonstrate that you (or your sponsor) have sufficient funds to support your living expenses while in Ireland and be able to meet the cost of the programme. The Immigration office recommends student to have access to €7000 per year for living expenses.
6. Proof of Medical Insurance – CCT will provide medical insurance for all students
7. Proof of payment
8. Proof of enrolment on the stated course
9. Evidence of previous immigration and travel history, if any
10. Evidence of pervious work experience, if any

Please also note that your passport should be valid for a period of six months after the estimated completion date of your course.
Where a visa is required to be renewed during a CCT Programme of study, it is the responsibility of the Student to confirm with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.

If you would like to talk to someone from your country regarding CCT or the Irish visa system, CCT have a team of representatives all over the world who have been providing prospective international students with a unique and personalised service for many years. Our friendly staff have guided hundreds of students from your part of the world onto the right course at CCT and advised students on all aspects of the visa application. It is important for all visa-seeking students to note that CCT can only advise and guide on Study Visas, while you are an international student at CCT in Ireland. Meeting the conditions and requirements of the Irish Study Visa is your responsibility.

To find out details of the nearest representative office in your country, please contact the admissions office at +353-1-6333444 or email

Education Bond Ireland
International Students that require a student visa to study in Ireland can now avail of an initiative that has been introduced called Education Bond Ireland. This will allow degree programme students to provide an alternative to bank statements as a method to verifying your finances to the relevant Irish Visa Issuing Authority. You can now make a bond payment of €7,000 which will illustrate you have enough money to fund your stay throughout your study in Ireland.

Visa Seeking International Student Payment Option
If you are a International Student and require a Irish Visa to study in Ireland, CCT recommends that you use “Paytostudy” to transfer your course fees to the College. This is a safe and convenient way for you to transfer your course fees to CCT.