7th Mar 2014

Private Colleges on CAO a Good Option – Irish Independent

The Irish Independent recently ran a story about private colleges on the CAO, and the postives they offer compared to more traditional third-level options.

There are a number of private colleges offering courses via the CAO, while some also have programmes for which applicants may apply directly.

These courses are usually accredited by the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) and are available from level 6 to level 8.

Every year, more and more students are considering these courses for high-ranking choices on their CAO form, as well as a low points alternative to the university and institute of technology (IT) sectors.

Fees are payable and while in the past they may have been considered prohibitively expensive, with the increase in the student contribution charge to €2,750 next September, rising to €3,000 in 2015, they are becoming a more realistic option for many.

Increases in the student contribution charge does not affect fees at private colleges. Also, these fees paid are tax deductible at a rate of 20pc, while no tax back can be claimed on the student contribution charge.

For many families, it may prove more cost effective to attend a private college locally than to support a student in moving away to attend a university or IT. The majority of these colleges are located in Dublin, and in the city centre.

Many students enjoy the fact that private colleges are smaller than universities and ITs, but provide clubs, societies and the social activities one would expect from a third-level institution.

The College of Computer Training offers full and part-time courses, including BSc in Business, Higher Diploma in Computing in Information Technology (CAO Code “CT 110”) and BSc in Information Technology (CAO Code “CT 116”).

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