As one of the best education and training facilities in Ireland, and with a prime location on Westmoreland St., Dublin 2, CCT is an excellent choice to host and/or provide any kind of training or conferencing for your business. The college already provides customised corporate training to such clients as: Ulster Bank, FAS, Bank of Ireland, Irish Aviation Authority, Irish Computer Society, IBM, Fastrack to IT, Paramedics Hospital Emergency Care Council, and a significant number of other organisations, and training providers.

The college can provide any kind of Business, Computing, IT, and Professional Development programme required, at any level. CCT specialises in customising programmes, and in some cases, has sourced industry experts from overseas for short-term programmes requiring professional expertise difficult to find in Ireland. No matter what the duration, nature, content, facilities and resources required, CCT will endeavour to provide what your business needs.

You can expect the following, systematic approach to your customised training at CCT:

  • Identification of trainee profiles and specific training needs
  • Determination of desired learning outcomes / skills levels required
  • Course design covering topic selection, delivery methods and materials
  • Course delivery maximising trainee participation and learning
  • Monitoring of learning progress and attention to any learning gaps
  • Post training assessment of attainment of learning outcomes
  • Professional delivery by expert trainers

Please contact for more information on how we can meet your Professional Training requirements.