12th Feb 2016

LinkedIn – Top 25 Skills to Get Jobs

The Irish Independent ran an article today featuring the top 25 skills to gain employment: “LinkedIn reveals the 25 top skills that get Irish professionals employed”.

Almost all of the top 25 skills are in ICT/Computer Science, and many which CCT offers courses on.

The list is as follows:

1 Cloud and Distributed Computing
2 Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
3 SEO/SEM Marketing
4 Middleware and Integration Software
5 Network and Information Security
6 Web Architecture and Development Frameworks
7 Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
8 Mobile Development
9 IBM Mainframes and Systems
10 Software Revision Control Systems
11 Software Modeling and Process Design
12 Data Presentation
13 Algorithm Design
14 Microsoft Application Development
15 SAP ERP Systems
16 Recruiting
17 Perl/Python/Ruby
18 User Interface Design
19 Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
20 Electronic and Electrical Engineering
21 Economics
22 HR Benefits and Compensation
23 Database Management and Software
24 Business Intelligence
25 Shell Scripting Languages

Full article here.