28th Feb 2014

Irish Independent – 7 Reasons Studying At A Small College is Awesome!

The Irish Independent rescently ran an article listing seven reasons why studying at a small college in Ireland is awesome! Full article here.

1. Faculty friends

Most of your modules are the same, so you’ll know pretty much everyone.  Connecting with other people in the class for assignments and nights out are easy, especially since you won’t have to try finding them out of about 300 plus students in the course.  Teamwork becomes easier depending on whether enough turn up for group assignments.

2. Small campus

Since your college has a small campus, finding your way around as a fresher will be easy.  No trek from the student bar/cafe to your lectures and you can stroll from lecture to lecture with ease.

3. More room for activities

You will have a greater chance of getting involved in your Students Union along with trips in clubs and societies. Also when it comes to RAG and SHAG week, there’ll be more free stuff to avail of.

4. College pride

When you see or hear ads about your college, you will feel chuffed knowing you go there.  If you go to events and see someone representing for your college, then you will probably know them too.

5. Everybody knows your name

From lecturers to other students, you will probably get to know more people on campus a lot easier.  Meeting new people in other courses, packed nights in the Student Bar and feeling important are all plus sides of everyone knowing who you are (unless they look for you in a lecture the “one” time you’re not in).

6. Bluffing about where it is

When someone (pretentiously) acts like they have never heard of your college, you can always elaborate about where it is. ‘Yeah man, it’s totally haunted. Some of the lecture rooms are haunted by old tutors too’.

7. Graduating won’t take an age

Registering for electives will be easier since places are unlikely to be limited. Plus when you graduate, the ceremony won’t be five hours long due to the size of your class.