28th Oct 2020

Inaugural Certificate in Teaching and Learning at CCT College Dublin

The College was recently delighted to announce the completion of the inaugural CCT Certificate in Teaching and Learning and wishes to congratulate the six members of CCT Faculty and the institutional Librarian who have successfully achieved the award. The Certificate sits within a suite of institutional measures to enhance professional development including the CCT Excellence in Teaching Series.

Cert in Teaching and Learning at CCT College Dublin









The programme, which was run on a pilot basis with a small initial cohort commencing in October 2019, incorporates a National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Digital Badge on Teaching Strategies for (New) Lecturers developed by a dynamic team at Cork Institute of Technology. Naomi Jackson, Dean of Academic Affairs is a facilitator of the badge. Naomi highlights the additional value of integrating a National Forum digital badge into the programme in relation to augmenting in-house expertise with “additional expert opinions and cutting edge content”.

The Programme’s Director is Dr Graham Glanville, Dean of School at CCT College Dublin. Graham holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Hertfordshire. He is an Associate of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and a member of the Project Team for Revising the Student Engagement Framework of the National Student Engagement Programme. Marie O’ Neill, Head of Enhancement at CCT College Dublin, is Programme Administrator. The lecture schedule covered a range of cutting edge topics including professional development, the use of e- portfolios, learning theories, innovative pedagogies, student centred learning, technology enhanced learning, assessment design, learning analytics, research, programme design and module design.

Participants reported increased levels of professional confidence, peer collaboration, use of digital tools and enhanced student engagement. Course participants also highlighted increased familiarity with professional development frameworks such as the National Forum’s National Professional Development Framework for All Those Who Teach in Higher Education. Marie O’ Neill is a facilitator for the National Forum’s PACT badge which focuses on this Framework.

Dr Glanville enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge and insights in relation to key areas of his doctoral research such as social learning and student self- efficacy. He welcomes the second phase of the pilot in which the programme will be offered on a blended learning basis. Graham stated it was ‘fascinating and rewarding to discuss teaching and learning in the context of the Certificate with the learner and a focus on innovation at the centre of these discussions which has always been of central importance to CCT and to my own teaching and research interests.’

Neil Gallagher, President of CCT College Dublin, described the establishment of the Certificate as being indicative of an “unwavering institutional commitment to quality and innovation in relation to teaching and learning”. Neil congratulated all participants and thanked all involved in the delivery of the programme at CCT. He also thanked external speakers noting the “value of sectoral dialogue and peer collaboration to advance knowledge sharing and best practice.”

2020 recipients of the Certificate in Teaching and Learning were:

Greg South, Student Success Lead
Justin Smyth, Institutional Librarian
Kelvin Martins, Business Lecturer
Gerard Keating, Business Lecturer
John Snel, ICT Lecturer
Brendan McKeown, ICT Lecturer
Michael Weiss, ICT Lecturer

Thanks also to the external guest speakers:

Dr Terry Maguire, Director of the National Forum
Rob McKenna, Griffith College
Dr Orna Farrell, DCU
Oisin Hassan, National Student Engagement Programme at the National Forum
Dr Dara Cassidy, RCSI
Dr Fiona O Riordan, DCU
Dr Geraldine Gray, TU Dublin
Kelvin Martins, DCU
Dr Brett Becker, UCD

For more information on the Certificate in Teaching and Learning please see the College’s institutional repository ARC