30th Jul 2018

ICT skills most in demand in Ireland and globally

LinkedIn have unveiled the Top Skills of 2016, the skills most sought after by employers. The top ten skills are released for the global marketplace, as well as in 18 specific countries including Ireland. ICT/computing form eight of the top ten skills most in demand in Ireland. Cloud and Distributed Computing tops the Irish list for the second year in a row, and is also the most in demand skill globally.

The Irish Top Skills of 2016 are:

1) Cloud and Distributed Computing (no change)
2) Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (no change)
3) Web Architecture and Development Framework (up three places from 2015)
4) Network and Information Security (up one place from 2015)
5) SEO/SEM Marketing (fell two places since 2015)
6) Marketing Campaign Management (new entry)
7) Software Revision Control Systems (up three places from 2015)
8) Middleware and Integration Software (fell four places since 2015)
9) Mobile Development (fell one place since 2015)
10) Recruiting (up six places from 2015)

LinkedIn Senior HR Director Wendy Murphy, says “We’re almost matching demand but there’s room for improvement. I would certainly encourage university going students to really think about the tech sector particularly around statistical anaylsis and data mining and that cloud computing area. Because those skills they are not just in the tech sector they are right across all industries and in fact for anybody who is interested in that area…”