ICT Faculty at CCT College Dublin

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the oldest in the College, and has evolved and grown exponentially since CCT was established in 2005. The range of full-time, part-time, professional, and corporate programmes is very diverse, and is provided at all levels from foundation to postgraduate.

The ICT Faculty provides full and part time fee paying programmes, but facilitates a number of courses, which are accessed free of charge for eligible students. CCT College Dublin provides programmes under such Irish government initiatives and organisations as Springboard+.  CCT also works closely with secondary schools around Ireland to give free access to certified short-term Computing programmes for second-level students.

All ICT programmes are innovatively developed with a practical, industry relevant focus. An integral part of our education and training provision, is a personal and professional development stream, running parallel to academic studies. This embodies the ethos and spirit of CCT, to furnish students with opportunities to enhance and improve personal development and job readiness skills.  The College also affords the opportunity for full time students to complete globally recognised ICT industry certification skills based courses in tandem with academic programmes.

All faculties at CCT are learner oriented, and driven by a passion for teaching and learning. The ICT Faculty in particular is dedicated to research and development in the area of enhancement and innovation within ICT teaching. CCT has been part of the ICEP (International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy) initiative, in partnership with other Irish higher education institutions.  The ICT Faculty has also spearheaded the Irish500 Supercomputer List: the promotion, advocacy, and advancement of High Performance Computing (HPC) on the island of Ireland. The ICT Faculty is also committed to the provision of extra-curricular ideas and activities, such as Programming competitions, demonstration of latest technologies, industry visits, the ICT link to music, and much more.