23rd Nov 2021

Graduate Conversion Courses in ICT – Free or 90% Funded


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The Higher Education Authority (HEA) through Springboard+ and the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 1 are providing the employed as well as the unemployed and recent graduates of courses related to IT the opportunity to specialise and obtain qualifications in areas where there are current and future skills shortages at CCT College Dublin.  These Higher Diploma Graduate Conversion Programmes, which will commence again in February 2022, have a distinct industry focus and have been informed by the College’s existing strategic partnership with Microsoft Ireland, who have a partner network of over 1000 companies across the country.

Data Analytics

For those who already hold a degree and a competence in IT the level 8 Higher Diploma in Data Analytics for Business* (view full course info here) will allow graduates convert to this area and to obtain knowledge and skills needed to implement data analysis in businesses undergoing digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another graduate conversion Higher Diploma programme, new for 2020, is the level 8 Higher Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Concepts and Applications* (view full course info here). This programme gives graduates in IT or areas related to technology the opportunity to upskill or reskill for careers that require knowledge in the different types of accepted AI and its underlying implementation.

Key Features of Springboard+ and HCI Funded Courses at CCT College Dublin

  • These programmes will be delivered in partnership with Microsoft using CCT and Microsoft expert tutors, drawn from academia and industry.
  • Skills based course provision using innovative practical industry aligned integrated assessment. Level 8 programmes are Graduate Conversion Programmes, available on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Flexible evening and weekend delivery.
  • All funded programmes at CCT College Dublin are validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).
  • Programmes are 90% funded by Springboard+ and the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) for those in employment and recent graduates or 100% funded for those who are currently unemployed or returning to the workplace (subject to eligibility).

Application for Funded Courses at CCT College Dublin

Application is now open and should be made via the links below on the Springboard+ courses website. . Full eligibility for Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiative (HCI) funding can be found here.

Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics for Business – Level 8

Higher Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concepts and Applications – Level 8

If you would benefit from these courses and funding and have any questions on them please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Admissions team with questions online here, email info@cct.ie or contact us via the live chat function on our website.