25th Jun 2019

Dean of School Showcases Research Findings at Postgraduate Research Conference

Dean of School at CCT College College Dublin, Graham Glanville, recently showcased a poster presentation at the School of Education Postgraduate Research Conference of Trinity College Dublin. Graham’s poster entitled ‘Cultivating Academic Self-Efficacy through Supportive Social and Self Regulated Learning Strategies for Students in Higher Education,’ emanates from his Doctorate in Education studies at the University of Hertfordshire.

Graham Glanville, Dean of School at CCT College Dublin









Four main questions represented the core focus of the study: Is a Reflective Learning Journal a useful and effective tool for engaging students in computer programming? Can the use of social learning strategies enhance student engagement? Are social learning strategies, such as Problem Based Learning and Peer Assisted Learning, effective tools in engaging students in computer programming? Can the use of social learning strategies enhance self-efficacy in computer programming?

The conceptual framework used was developed from Bandura’s (1986) Reciprocal Determinism model, in which Behaviour, Environmental Factors and Personal Factors were replaced with Self-Efficacy, Social Learning and Reflection, which became the basis for developing implementation strategies to enhance student engagement. The empirical research studies were based on an interpretative approach, which allowed for greater freedom to include personal views and interpretations and to form knowledge inductively from views and experiences of
participants. There was no strong evidence to suggest social learning improved self-efficacy in computer programming, however, there was strong evidence participating in group work enhanced self-efficacy in working with others in group activities.

Graham Glanville is also the Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at CCT College Dublin; an Associate of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and a Committee member of the International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy.