Part-time course
Diploma in Web Development

The Diploma in Web Development provides the learner with a foundation in web development technologies currently used in industry. At the start of this programme, the learner is first introduced to the basic concepts behind client-side and server-side development. After this, a number of different libraries that are used in industry are outlined, allowing the learner to maximise the output from their time. The core technologies behind web sites are explored, including a foundation into how web websites are created using a blend of both client-side and server-side technologies.

This course is focused upon the real-world skills, allowing the learner to become proficient in the available technologies and solutions currently implemented in modern web sites. An additional focus is placed upon the quality of the code developed, ensuring the learner understands how design patterns are used and the standards currently followed by leading developers. A full-stack approach is taken during this course, ensuring the learner fully understands how data can be gathered, stored and utilised during interactions with a web site. At the end of this course, the learner is introduced to the various methods that exist to host a web site that has been developed. These include both existing hosting solutions and recent cloud based hosting solutions. This course is aimed at learners who have no previous experience with web development and wish to start in this area. No prior knowledge or skills are needed for this programme.

CCT College Dublin Professional Certification confirms the successful completion of the Diploma in Web Development. Professional Certification supports career advancement through verification of upskilling. This programme does not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

The aim of this programme is to introduce the learner to the skills needed to develop custom responsive website using leading libraries and available services.

Objectives for this course are to:

  • Enable the leaner to deduce the needs of a client and develop a bespoke web site using existing and custom web technologies.
  • Follow the design patterns that are standards currently used in industry during the web development process.
  • Provide the learner with an awareness of the various tools and technologies currently available during the development process.
  • Understand how each technology can be used to further aid the development process.
  • Develop robust maintainable code that can interact with a variety of different data storage solutions.

Week 1

  • Overview of client-side and server-side models
  • Introduction to client and server-side programming languages
  • Introduction to emerging technologies
  • Local web site development environments

Week 2

  • Document Object Model manipulation
  • JavaScript programming introduction
  • JavaScript libraries, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS
  • Responsive design

Week 3

  • Control Structures and variables
  • Classes and Objects
  • Functions
  • Error handling

Week 4

  • Design patterns in web development
  • Server-side development frameworks
  • Coding standards and practices

Week 5

  • Client-side data storage
  • Server-side storage
  • Sessions and data management

Week 6

  • Creating a database
  • Working with databases in a web based context
  • Dynamic web page and views generation

Week 7

  • Bespoke authentication
  • OAuth
  • Third-party authentication using Facebook & Google

Week 8

  • Input validation
  • Error reporting
  • Regular Expressions
  • Variable sanitisation

Week 9

  • E-mail service integration
  • Automated SMS generation

Week 10

  • Legacy hosting solutions
  • Cloud based hosting solutions
  • Domain name allocation and setup
  • Dynamic I.P allocation and usage

Week 11

  • User interface testing
  • Automated user interface testing tools
  • Cross-site scripting and injection attacks
  • Automated attack prevention

During this programme, the learner will be required to develop a custom web site using the technologies that are introduced each week. This allows the learner to focus upon the development of a site relevant to their area of interest.

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