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Customized Training and On-Demand Courses

In addition to the scheduled Part-Time and Professional courses offered twice per year, CCT can provide customised training.  Below are examples of types of specialist training courses within areas / streams of learning, which CCT can offer you.  If you are interested in pursuing one of these areas, please contact CCT at upskill@cct.ie.

Web Design and Development

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • MTA Web Development Fundamentals,
  • Content Management Systems with WordPress
  • PHP Programming
  • Ruby Programming
  • MySQL Programming

Coding and Software Development

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • MTA Mobile Development Fundamentals
  • Android Programming, iPhone and iPad Programming
  • .NET programming
  • Python Programming
  • Visual C++
  • Arduino Programming
  • Open Source Coding
  • MATLAB Programming


  • CompTIA A+,
  • CompTIA Network A+
  • MTA Networking Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Computer Networking

Systems Administration

  • MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  • MTA Database Administration Fundamentals
  • MCSA
  • Technical Customer Support Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing
  • Linux
  • Databases


  • User Interface Design Fundamental
  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D

Games Development

  • MTA Gaming Fundamentals

Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Social Networking for Business
  • SEO Fundamentals


  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Cloud Computing for Business

Data and Analytics

  • Data Mining and Predictive Analysis,
  • Big Data Fundamentals

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