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Diploma in Networking and Systems Security (Springboard+)

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Diploma in Networking and Systems Security Course Overview

The Diploma in Networking and Systems Security is designed for learners seeking to develop their knowledge, skills and competence in the area of networking and systems security and is available via Springboard+ for 2024. This special purpose programme designed to produce graduates with the attributes required of a Networking Specialist today and the ability to continue to develop knowledge, skill and competence to remain competitive and employable in an ever-advancing sector. Learners will engage with the opportunity to assimilate knowledge within an industry focused learning environment. This focus is maintained through the use of many practical sessions including labs and workshops. Graduates of this programme should be able to secure professional roles at entry or junior level positions in IT and related industries, and progress to beyond these roles using skills related to those learned in the programme curriculum. The graduate will also be well-placed to pursue further academic studies at NFQ level 7 or above.

The programme utilises a carefully designed programme schedule with modules focused on networking and systems security topics. The design and development of modules within this programme were informed by significant industry consultation. The programme comprises of classroom and laboratory learning as well as interactive workshops. All of this is carried out within an industry focused environment. Industry-initiated real world problems will be provided by industry and used as the context for planning and designing assessment solutions, as well as being an aid for problem solving sessions. The incorporated learning from all modules aims to ready learners for industry and/or academic development.

The Diploma in Networking and Systems Security course aims to provide learners with a progression pathway to professional roles at entry or junior level in networking as well as the option to further their education in the area of networking and systems security. It also aims to provide graduates with the ability to advance their IT career by attaining a qualification which enables them to secure industry entry level positions, or further advancement within their current sphere Students on the programme will be provided with an environment conducive with personal development established through the use of peer learning, mentoring and formative feedback, thus allowing them to acquire new knowledge and the ability to seek guidance. In addition to the networking and associated technical skills, which will be fostered during the participants studies, transferable skills that will be developed throughout the programme via the varied teaching and assessment methods include: critical analysis, advanced evaluation, self-analysis and personal reflection, problem solving, communication skills, written communication skills, team management and group-work and professionalism.

This is a one year, part time, Diploma in Networking and Systems Security programme, with contact hours delivered over evening and weekend schedule slots (to afford any enrolled student not currently in employment the opportunity to accept a daytime job offer and continue to completion of the course as well as allow those in employment to balance course work with other full-time commitments).

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  • Digital Transversal Skills
  • Data Communications
  • Network Technology and Security
  • Wireless and Mobile Networks
  • Operating Systems and Virtualisation
  • Routing and Switching
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing: Technology and Architecture
  • Strategic Business IT

Admission to this the Diploma in Networking and Systems Security is through one of the following:

Evidence of prior learning, including experiential learning,


Possession of an NFQ level 5 award, including leaving certificate, FET award, or equivalent.

In addition, all applicants must evidence competence in mathematics equivalent to O6 standard in leaving certificate and competence in the use of IT. Basic computer literacy is not sufficient for this programme.

International applicants whose first language isn’t English must demonstrate a minimum competency in the English
Language of CEFR B2+.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for entry based on prior learning (RPL) or prior experiential learning (RPEL) in line with the College policy. The College will thoroughly assess applications received through RPL and RPEL to ensure that candidates are able to evidence learning to an appropriate standard – normally the framework level equivalent to the direct entry qualification requirement and demonstrate potential to succeed and benefit from the programme.

Those who are in employment/working : 

For eligible applicants who are currently in employment/working 90% of the tuition fees will be covered by the HEA through Springboard+ and the remaining 10% is payable by the student or their employer.

The full fee for this course is €4,975 so for successful applicants who are in employment €497.50 will be payable once you have been offered a place and before you enrol on your Springboard+ course.

Those who are unemployed, formerly self-employed or ‘Returners’: 

This course is free for eligible applicants who are unemployed, formerly self-employed or who are classified by Springboard+ as ‘Returners’ or ‘Homemakers’.

Application for this Diploma in Networking and Systems Security course commencing September 2024 is now open. Application should be made via the Springboard+ website here.

Sanjay Shibnauth – Diploma in Networking and Systems Security

Sanjay had no previous background in IT before he completed the Diploma in Networking and Systems Security at CCT via Springboard+. His course project impressed the interview panel and he secured a role in ICT for a Government department.


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You can also make a 1-2-1 appointment with an Admissions Advisor in the College in person, or online via Zoom by email.

All QQI accredited programmes of education and training of 3 months or longer duration are covered by arrangements under section 65 (4) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 whereby, in the event of the provider ceasing to provide the programme for any reason, enrolled learners may transfer to a similar programme at another provider, or, in the event that this is not practicable, the fees most recently paid will be refunded.

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