Part-time course
Diploma in Corporate Governance

The objective of the Diploma in Corporate Governance is to provide participants with the principles and theoretical perspectives applicable to the concept in Ireland. The course is suited to corporate managers and secretaries as well as Directors of newly formed companies wishing to gain a better understanding of the obligations under company law.

CCT College Dublin Professional Certification confirms the successful completion of the Diploma in Corporate Governance. Professional Certification supports career advancement through verification of upskilling. This programme does not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Overview of Corporate Governance

  • What is corporate governance?
  • Definitions and mechanisms;
  • Theoretical Perspectives.

Legal Framework for Company Directors / Board

  • Overview of corporate governance regulation (national and international sources of regulation, mandatory and self-regulation, enforcement);
  • Different Director Types (executive, non-executive, shadow and de facto);
  • Appointment, cessation, restriction and disqualification of Directors;
  • Directors’ statutory and fiduciary duties;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Fraudulent / Reckless Trading;
  • Minority Shareholders / Shareholder Oppression.

Legal compliance in the employment relationship

  • Rights and obligations of employers in the workplace;
  • The principle of fair procedures and natural justice derived under the constitution;
  • The impact of fair procedures and natural justice on the internal policies and procedures required to be adopted by employers in dealing with common workplace problems;
  • Best practice for employers when dealing with workplace investigations, allegations of bullying and harassment and other disciplinary matters;
  • Whistleblowing (Protected Disclosure Act 2014).

Legal compliance in the customer/client relationship

  • Consumer Rights (Sale of Goods and Supply of Services / Unfair Terms);
  • Legal implications of Advertising;
  • Discrimination in the provision of products or services (Equal Status Acts).

Privacy and Data Protection in the Corporate Environment

  • The concept and origin of a right to privacy – to whom does it apply?
  • Data Protection Law in Ireland

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