Part-time course
Diploma in Business and IT Strategy Alignment

This evening course provides candidates with a strong understanding of the impact IT systems and services have within modern business environments, and the important relationship between business and IT strategy development and alignment. The diploma is aimed at those who are seeking a career as an IT consultant, a business or systems analyst, or for those in managerial roles who are a seeking to leverage IT for competitive advantage.

The ideal candidate should have basic experience of Information Technology or Business, and/or anyone who wishes to go on to learn more / pursue a career in an IT or Business related consultancy or managerial role.

CCT College Dublin Professional Certification confirms the successful completion of the Diploma in Business and IT Strategy Alignment. Professional Certification supports career advancement through verification of upskilling. This programme does not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

The overall aim of this programme is to provide candidates with the necessary theoretical and practical skills, knowledge and competencies required of a business or systems analyst facing IT related resource development and implementation decisions. This is gained through a comprehensive and strong foundation in organisational business process examination, business process reengineering through IT software and services solution mapping, and socio-technical systems thinking.

Specific objectives are:
1. Conduct an examination of the micro and macro business environment and the concepts, tools and techniques that facilitate strategic analysis
2. Develop a broad understanding of the relationship between business and information technology, and how information technology can establish and maintain a competitive advantage
3. Critically compare proprietary and open source software models and how they can support and affect IT business related solutions
4. Investigate emerging technologies and assess how these can, or should be used, for specific business strategies

The programme comprises the following four units:

Unit 1: IT and Competitive Advantage

  • The role of IT in business
  • IT and maintaining a successful competitive advantage
  • Open source software and its role in facilitating successful business IT solutions

Unit 2: Strategic Analysis

  • Theories, concepts and tools of strategic analysis
  • Strategy formulation, monitoring and review
  • Macro and Micro business environments

Unit 3: Structure of the Business

  • Organisational Structures
  • Socio-technical environments (people, processes and technology interaction)
  • Virtual Business, E-Business, and E-Commerce models
  • Software and Systems Development

Unit 4: Emerging Technologies

  • Mobile integration
  • Cloud solutions and options
  • Strategic Business Information Systems
  • Business intelligence and predictive analysis
  • Impact of Big Data on business decision making

This module will be assessed through continuous assessment and a project. Continuous assessment will require candidates to examine the relationship between information technology and competitive advantage, and critically evaluate the tools for strategic planning and organisational development. The project will require learners to critically analyse a business, and its functions and processes, and assess if emerging technologies can deliver competitive advantage.

It is envisioned that graduates will be able to fulfil a wide range of entry-level and mid-level managerial roles within a business or IT environment, and/or engage in further study in a wide range of areas within Computing and Information Technology at Irish NQF Levels 6, 7 and Level 8, to further develop their careers.

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