Full-time course
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Add-on)

The overall aim of this Level 7 (Irish NFQ) programme leading to the award of Bachelors in Science in Information Technology, is to provide its learners with the necessary theoretical and practical skills, knowledge and competence, to gain a comprehensive and specialised, strong foundation and understanding of the area in Information Technology. It is envisioned that graduates will be able to fulfil a wide range of entry-level to middle-level roles within the industry, and/or engage in further study in a wide range of areas within Computing and Information Technology at Irish NFQ Level 8, to further develop their careers.

This full-time programme is ideal for any learner with an interest and motivation to embark on a career within the ICT Industry. It provides for knowledge, skills and competencies within three main areas of ICT: Server-Side Technologies, Networking and Web. This is a 60 credit, add-on programme to the QQI-Validated Higher Certificate in Science in Computing in Information Technology, at CCT.

Semester 1

  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Applied Technology Group Project
  • Advanced Switching & Routing
  • Advanced Databases
  • Advanced Switching & Routing

Semester 2

  • Interactive Web Applications continued
  • Applied Technology Group Project continued
  • Object Orientation with Design Patterns
  • Network Forensics
  • Network Distributed Computing*
  • Big Data Integration*

*Only one of these modules will run each year.

CCT will utilise a variety of assessment methods to help ensure that the learning outcomes of each subject will be achieved, for example: Written Examination compiled of long or short term essays, Objective Tests, Presentations, Group Projects, Practical Assignments, Oral Examinations and so on. Assessment will be continuous throughout each module, with final examinations administered in most of the modules.

CCT constantly encourages feedback from its learners in a formal and informal basis. Learners have an opportunity to give informal and formal feedback on the college, programme, faculty, facilities, administration, student services and admissions and course induction through verification surveys, such as: 1) Learner Verification survey; 2) Student Services and Support survey; and 3) Admissions and Course Induction survey. CCT constantly encourages feedback from its learners in a formal and informal basis. Learners also receive ongoing feedback from their faculty on progress, in person, through Moodle, assessment correction, and at the end of each semester all learners receive module results, along with more detailed formal progress feedback.

As an independent institution, fees are payable. Fees may vary on whether you are living in Ireland or living abroad at the point of application. Please check our website for a full fees listing.

Medical insurance for Non-EU nationals is compulsory and as part of the Irish Student Visa requirements and can be arranged by CCT for an additional fee of EUR100 for 12 months.

Successful graduates of this programme, will be eligible to progress onto Level 8 of the NQF on a related programme. Graduates would also be considered for other graduate career opportunities in Ireland and globally, particularly with preparation for some industry led qualifications embedded within.

All QQI accredited programmes of education and training of 3 months or longer duration are covered by arrangements under section 65 (4) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 whereby, in the event of the provider ceasing to provide the programme for any reason, enrolled learners may transfer to a similar programme at another provider, or, in the event that this is not practicable, the fees most recently paid will be refunded.

Find here a detailed explanation of the requirements for this course.

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