Part-time course
Diploma in Applied Business Management

The Diploma in Applied Business Management has been designed to equip learners with an understanding of the principles of business enabling them to appreciate and apply this knowledge in practice. The Diploma develops in learners an integrated and applied knowledge of the major aspects of business and the ability to relate these to practical issues of management. The programme is ideal for those who are either currently working in a position of management either at a junior or middle management level or those seeking to pursue a career in management.

CCT College Dublin Professional Certification confirms the successful completion of the Diploma in Applied Business Management. Professional Certification supports career advancement through verification of upskilling. This programme does not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Management Theory

  • The evolution of management theory and the main theories of management;
  • The main functions of management and management’s role in controlling and measuring success.

The Structure of Business Enterprises

  • Sole Trader, Partnership and Limited Companies;
  • Government Agencies, Non-profit organisations.

Business Environment

  • The nature of the business environment within which all business operates;
  • Business environmental analysis for the purpose of future planning.

Functions of Business

  • Production function;
  • Marketing function;
  • Human Resources function.

Organisational Structures

  • The organisational hierarchy;
  • Simple, Functional, Geographic/Product based structures;
  • Organisational development.


  • The nature of entrepreneurship and its importance to business management.

Applied Management

  • Based on the knowledge gained in the above sections utilising a range of problem solving techniques and/or tools of business analysis to solve workplace problems and/or identification of future courses of action.

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