3rd May 2016

Computer science graduates: in demand, best routes to highest paying jobs

Computer science and technology graduates are in huge demand, and highly likely to get a high paying job in Ireland quickly after finishing college

Computer science and technology graduates are also most likely to get a job at home, with 66pc of the class of 2014 working in Ireland the following spring.

In a further reflection of the demand for these skills, they are also the best paid. At Honours Bachelor Degree level, Computer Science / ICT graduates are the highest earners, with 62 per cent earning €29,000 or more.

There has been a year-on-year jump from 51pc to 58pc in the proportion of university graduates with an honours bachelor degree going straight into employment, either at home or abroad.

The findings are found in the annual survey by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) on how graduates are faring in the spring after they leave college.

The latest ‘What Graduates Do?‘ report looks at the outcomes for the class of 2014. The figures are likely to be better again for those who left college in 2015, but it will be another year before that data is published.