16th Jun 2016

Computer Science and Business Grad Salaries Rise Again

Computer Science and Business graduate salaries in the United States are up again this year, a trend expected to also be seen elsewhere across the globe. This should spell good news for Irish graduates, particularly with the presence of so many US multinationals in Ireland. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that Computer Science salaries are second only to Engineering, and closely followed by Business.

The computer sciences fields have an overall average starting salary projected at $61,321. Two of the three reported computer science disciplines also top the $60,000 mark, while the third—information science and systems—falls just below that mark at $59,810.

Degrees in math and sciences are also in high demand by employers; overall, graduates in these fields are expected to average $55,087.

Business majors land in the fourth spot in terms of starting salaries, with a projected starting average of $52,236, an increase from the projected $51,508 for Class of 2015 graduates.

Figure 1 shows projected average salaries by discipline, for bachelor’s degrees.

Broad Category 2016 Average 2015 Average
Engineering $64,891 $62,998
Computer Science $61,321 $61,287
Math & Sciences $55,087 $56,171
Business $52,236 $51,508
Agriculture & Natural Resources $48,729 $51,220
Healthcare $48,712 $50,839
Communications $47,047 $49,395
Social Sciences $46,585 $49,047
Humanities $46,065 $45,042
Education $34,891 NA

Figure 1: Projected average salaries by discipline, bachelor’s degrees
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