1st Apr 2015

College Name Change



CCT Name Change_Apr'15

April 1, 2015 On its 10th Anniversary, the College of Computer Training (CCT) is delighted to announce the following changes to its company name, and trading / business name. These changes were registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland, over January and February 2015. The changes will come into effect, with a launch date of 1st April 2015.

These changes do not in any way change the nature of the business of CCT, and the changes are designed to enhance the overall branding of the College as ‘CCT’. Over the past decade, the College has evolved primarily into a Higher Education provider, and we believe that both the company and business name changes better reflect the status and position of CCT as a growing higher education institution. There will be no changes to the College website address / domain name, email addresses, or indeed the structure of the institution, student service, and level of education and quality provided.

a) Company Name Change On the 13th January 2015, the company name of the College changed from Gallagher & Glanville Ltd. to CCT Education Ltd. The company with registration number in Ireland of 390136 remains the same.

b) Business Name Change On the 11th February 2015, the business name of the College changed from College of Computer Training (CCT), to College of Computing Technology (CCT).

Summary: Over January and February 2015, the full name Gallagher & Glanville Ltd. t/a College of Computer Training (CCT) changed to CCT Education Ltd. t/a College of Computing Technology (CCT).