21st Oct 2013

CCT staff to present published research at international education conference

CCT staff members Dr. Brett Becker, Padraig McDonagh and Graham Glanville are to present their most recent research work at the International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP) this December. Their paper titled Efforts in Outreach Programmes to Inform Secondary Students on Studying ICT at Third Level: Providing a Realistic Experience in Coursework and Accredited Assessment will be presented at the annual ICEP conference in Sligo.

ICEP is an annual event that brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of third-level teaching in order to discuss means and methods of improving student engagement. 2013 is the sixth year of the ICEP conference series. The conference is themed around one central principle: how can we as educators make education more engaging for our students?

CCT’s own Dr. Brett Becker has been with ICEP since inception, served as general conference chair in 2012 and sits on the steering committee. Graham and Padraig are also members of the conference. The first ICEP conference was in 2008 and has since taken place in the National University of Ireland – Maynooth, University College Dublin, Griffith College Dublin, the National College of Ireland and the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown. The 2013 Conference is being hosted by the Institute of Technology, Sligo.