7th Dec 2023

CCT Hosting ICEP 2023

College Dublin is delighted to be hosting this year’s Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP) on Friday December 8th at our campus building on Westmoreland Street. The line up for 2023 centres around the theme of ‘Engaging Pedagogy and Embracing Innovation’:

  • Keynote: ‘Why write?’ Writing as Engaging Pedagogy and Empowering Process – Dr Alison Farrell, Maynooth University
  • Challenge-Based Learning: Strategies for Sectoral Challenges – Clare Gormley, Dublin City University
  • Connecting the Hidden Curriculum: A student-partnered journey best seen through the UDL lens – Dr F. Jerry Reen, UCC
  • Teaching the Teachers: Supportive Pedagogy for Educator Professional Development – Dr Leigh Graves Wolf, University College Dublin
  • The efficacy and impact of peer-support learning groups on students of 1st year modules with a particular focus on a 1st year accounting module – James Murphy and Antoinette Flynn, University of Limerick
  • Promoting Student Engagement: The Impact of the Student Mentoring Academy at CCT College Dublin – Marie O’Neill, CCT College Dublin
  • Student Panel – Chaired by Dr Aidan Mooney

About ICEP

The Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP) is an annual event that brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of third-level teaching in order to discuss means and methods of improving student engagement.

ICEP began in 2008 and has grown into an extremely popular and informative conference aiming to further discussion and collaboration amongst researchers and practitioners in third level teaching and learning. One of ICEP’s founding members is Dr Fiona O’ Riordan, Dean of Teaching & Learning at CCT College Dublin.

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icep 2023