29th Jul 2019

CCT College Dublin staff engage in PACT Training – demonstrating commitment to Professional Development

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Three staff members at CCT College Dublin have recently completed online PACT training offered by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. They are Naomi Jackson, Dean of Academic Affairs, Greg South, Assistant Head of the ICT Faculty, and Marie O’ Neill, Head of Enhancement.

PACT Training provides recognition in the form of a digital badge for commitment to professional development using the National Forum’s Professional Development Framework for all Those Who Teach in Higher Education. Marie O’ Neill has also completed the Facilitator training which will enable her to teach the badge.

Ireland’s first framework to support the professional development of those who teach across the sector was published by the National Forum in 2016. It is underpinned by a set of core values and provides a structured outline of professional development activities for teaching and learning within the sector.

Aims of the Framework

  • Empower staff to create, discover and engage in meaningful personal and professional development
  • Encourage staff to engage in peer dialogue and support
  • Enhance and develop the pedagogy of individual disciplines and enable learning from other disciplines
  • Assist staff to reflect on, plan and contribute to evidence-based transformative teaching and learning approaches
  • Contribute to the quality assurance and enhancement of the student learning experience
  • Drive improvement in, and raise the profile, value and culture of learning and teaching across the Irish higher education sector
  • Guide higher education institutions in creating an environment in which staff are encouraged and supported to develop and reflect on their practice

Irrespective of their role, individuals who teach can use the Framework as a guide in planning their professional development in the area of teaching and learning. The Framework can help those who teach at any career stage, whatever their professional development goals. For those involved in the education and development of teaching and/or learning support staff, they can also use the Framework to design and structure development programmes. Senior Management in Higher Education Institutions can also use the Framework to support the professional development of staff who teach. For example, the Framework may inform decisions when related policies or processes are being developed.

Neil Gallagher, President of CCT College Dublin welcomes the flexibility of the Framework for staff of the College in terms of planning, capturing and evidencing their professional development.

Graham Glanville, Dean of School at CCT College Dublin, who is an Associate of the National Forum will be promoting the use of the Forum’s Framework as part of an institutional Certificate in Teaching and Learning commencing in September and as a standalone course.