6th Mar 2019

Careers Fair 2019 at CCT College Dublin

Amazon at the CCT College careers fair

Our final year students from both the Faculties of Business and ICT recently had the opportunity to meet with some of the top business and technology companies in Dublin at the CCT College Dublin Careers Fair. These companies were looking for the business and IT talent of the future and they were not disappointed!

It was also lovely to welcome back some of our Alumni who are now forging successful careers with companies such as Amazon Web Services, Dogpatch Labs and Dun & Bradstreet.

The Careers Fair presents students with the opportunity to meet companies and broaden their knowledge regarding jobs in their industry as well as potentially meet their future employer!  Plus, even if attendees don’t land an interview with a particular company, they still have a chance to make a good impression and that is an invaluable opportunity. Who knows, you might be remembered for future openings that need to be filled! Recent studies show that 85% of all jobs are built through networking, so we encourage our students use this time to stand out to recruiters as someone who could benefit their company. The Careers fair allows students to have multiple conversations at once with different companies that pertain to their desired industry

Interacting with potential employers at the career fair can build students’ confidence –  we advise our students to consider the Careers Fair as a training ground for job interviews.  Approaching a potential employer can be a bit intimidating the first time but after students have done it once, twice, that discomfort starts to fade. Practice makes perfect after all!

The Career fair can also introduce students to alternative career paths they might not have thought about previously. “I didn’t know *that’s* what their jobs would be like.”

The recent Careers fair allowed our students to present themselves as a person, not just a piece of paper! It is impossible to make this type of connection when submitting a CV. The Careers fair and Careers fairs in general, allow students to dress, talk and present themselves in a memorable way. After all, a meeting at a Careers fair could ultimately allow you to get your foot in the door with your ideal Company and land that ideal job!

All of the photos from the recent careers fair can be viewed here