Business Faculty

Due to strong national demand among students for business related programmes and skills in tandem with Computing, and ICT Management, the Faculty of Business was established at CCT in early 2012, and has developed and grown exponentially since. The department currently offers a diverse range of full-time, part-time, professional, and corporate programmes across an array of levels.

The Business programmes are innovatively developed and reviewed, with a practical, industry relevant focus.  Within one year of establishing, the Business Faculty commenced its first higher ed programme validated by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) – the Level 7 Bachelor of Business (180 ECTS), 3 year degree programme.  This was quickly followed by the achievement of a second QQI validated programme – Level 8 add-on 60 ECTS, 1 year, Honours Bachelor of Business.  In 2018, the Faculty achieved the validation of a BA (Hons) in Business (3 year Level 8) programme.

Our Business Faculty has also designed a number of industry aligned part time professional programmes, and is currently developing additional higher ed undergrad and postgrad level programmes for QQI validation in the areas of Accounting and Finance, and Digital Marketing.

Both faculties at CCT work closely together, to develop Business and ICT programmes reflecting how interrelated the two fields are. A particular focus of the Business department is the Management of Technology in Business, Strategic Management for ICT, Accounting & Finance, and Computerised Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Marketing.