23rd Jun 2016

6th Irish Supercomputer List revealed: Ireland surpasses 1 Petaflop

The 6th Irish Supercomputer List was revealed yesterday, revealing six new installations, three at positions 1, 2, and 3. Irish aggregate high performance computing output now exceeds 1 Petaflop for the first time, and the first time in two years that Ireland has featured on the Top500 supercomputer list, a ranking of the fastest computers on earth.

Additionally, this new power results in Ireland ranking at #2 in the world in terms of number of Top500 systems per capita, and #11 in the world in terms of computing capacity (Rmax) per capita.

The Irish Supercomputer List is maintained by an independent group of computer science researchers representing industry and academia, including members at University College Dublin, Maynooth University and Queen’s University Belfast. Providing an international perspective are representatives at the University of Oxford and Durham University, along with industry representatives from Ireland, the UK and the USA.

The Irish Supercomputer List was launched in November 2013 to raise the profile of High Performance Computing (HPC) in Ireland and abroad. The list, at www.IrishSupercomputerList.org, is updated twice annually (typically June/July and November/December) and there is a continuous open call for participation from users and maintainers of Irish HPC installations.

The June 2016 Irish Supercomputer List is available at www.IrishSupercomputerList.org.