The Hume Library at CCT is named for John Hume, the distinguished politician, peace campaigner and Nobel Laureate who was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. He topped a popular poll conducted by national broadcaster RTE in 2009 to nominate ‘Ireland’s Greatest’, and in addition to his Nobel Peace Prize he has received the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Martin Luther King award, all in recognition of his contribution to the Northern Irish Peace Process.

The Hume Library is the college’s information and learning hub, and the cornerstone of the Library Services which CCT offers. It is both a study area and home to a varied book and journal collection encompassing all aspects of CCT’s main disciplines: IT and Business. Alongside the physical space of the Hume Library, and the circulation of book loans to students, CCT’s Library Services maintain a significant online presence, with access to major journal databases and ebooks in the respective IT and Business fields. Here students can access up-to-the-minute peer-reviewed journals and academic papers on and off campus, as well as being able to browse the library’s catalogue.  In tandem with Moodle, the college’s Virtual Learning Environment, the Library Services at CCT furnishes students, undergraduate and postgraduate, full and part-time alike, with a structured, negotiable, real and virtual space where they can maximise their learning and research potential.

Students are given an introduction to the Library Services in induction week, and the staff at Hume Library work to foster helpful relations with students throughout the whole course of their study. In addition to study and research provisions, the Library is also the place where students come to borrow laptops for lectures, print study materials, and seek advice from library staff, whether about study skills, good academic writing and efficient research methods.