Course Title Diploma in Computer Programming (Java Programming)
Typical Schedule 11 Weeks, 1 evening per week
Fees €790 
Intakes per year Autumn & Spring
Next Commencement Date Autumn 2018 
Learning Mode In-class lectures
Certification CCT Certificate

Java Programming Course Overview and Audience

This java programming course is ideal for anyone with a keen interest in learning object oriented programming in the Java language. The course provides an overview of the software development process in addition to introducing important programming constructs and methodologies. As this is an introductory course no pre-requisite qualifications are necessary, but any experience in Computing and particularly in Programming and Software Development is advantageous.

Java Course Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of this course is to teach newcomers the basics of object-oriented programming and software design using the Java programming language. This is aim is designed to meet the needs of candidates who are currently working in related fields and want to up-skill or those who wish to pursue entry-level roles in the ICT sector. This course is also ideal for those who wish to pursue further study in Computer Science.

Programme Content

The programme is delivered through tutor led classes, concentrating on labs and hands-on skills. The primary topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
    Understanding programming concepts
    Application programming interfaces (APIs)
    Good practice & conventions
    Problem solving


  • Program Implementation
    System variables
    Debugging methods & tools
    Syntax, semantic & run-time errors
    Program testing


  • Variables and Input/Output
    Declare & initialize variables
    Arithmetic calculations
    Input and output streams


  • Control Structures
    Logical expressions
    Repetition / iteration
    Selection / conditionals
    Compound statements
    Parameters & arguments
    Return values
    Static methods


  • Arrays
    Arrays as data structures
    Array processing & manipulation
    Value and reference parameters
    Passing arrays to methods
    Multi-dimensional arrays


  • String Manipulation
    Immutable strings
    String delimiters
    String classes & methods


  • File Handling
    Streams (input/output/buffered/unbuffered)
    Sequential file processing
    Random file processing
    Test file processing


  • Basic Object-Oriented Principles
    Classes, attributes & methods
    Objects, classes
    Instantiation, constructors
    Access modifiers

Note: Programme Content is subject to some variations, subject to the collective level in Programming for each group and current industry demand/trends.


Continuous Assessment and Project work will be utilised to assess student progression on this programme.  

Career Progression Opportunities and Further Study Options

This course provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Java programming focusing on industry standards. A core focus is in problem decomposition and critical thinking.The problem solving abilities developed throughout this programme are key in many industries and place graduates at a significant advantage in decision making positions.   The programme is designed to provide the learner with the skills, knowledge, and competencies required to pursue entry-level programming positions or to continue their study into software engineering and computer science. Students often progress on to the CCT College Dublin Diploma in Advanced Java or the Diploma in Python Programming.