CCT College Dublin has committed itself to embracing an inclusive Quality Assurance culture. As a higher education and training institution, providing full-time and part-time ICT and Business programmes, CCT has developed a number of policies and put in place procedures to ensure these policies are effective and continuously improved.  It is these practical policies and procedures which form the basis of assuring quality at CCT.

Please see below links to all sections which display the Policies and Procedures of the CCT QA system.


QA Introduction

Section 1 – Quality Assurance Principles

Section 2 – Governance and Decision Making

Section 3 – Policy for Quality Assurance

Section 4 – Approval, Design, Monitoring and Review of Programmes

Section 5 – Student-Centred Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Section 6 – Procedures for Student Admission, Access, Transfer, Progression, Recognition and Certification

Section 7 – Protection of Enrolled Learners

Section 8 – Quality Assurance of Teaching Staff & Human Resources

Section 9 – Learning Resources and Student Support

Section 10 – Information management & System Student information system


Section 11 – Public information

Section 12 – Cyclical external quality assurance