CCT wants to make all of its courses as affordable and accessible as possible.

The following are some additional funding and scholarship schemes currently operated by CCT:

1. Installment Payment Facility

Any applicant’s who may be experiencing difficulties in sourcing full funding for a course prior to commencement, an installment plan can be discussed with the College Admissions Personnel. This plan would always require an applicant to pay the majority of the course fee, prior to the commencement of the course. The balance outstanding is then payable just prior to Semester 1 end.

2. Back to Education Allowance Scheme

CCT is recognised by the Department of Social Protection as meeting the criteria for students who are seeking the Back to Education Allowance.

3. Company Discount Plan

CCT College Dublin is partnered with all Information Technology companies in Ireland, to provide a 5% company discount to employees, for part time CCT programmes. To qualify for this discount option, you must prove that you are an employee of a company missioned to the Computing and Information Communications Technology industry of Ireland.

4. SOLAS Funding

The Irish government have established and mandated training and development agencies like FAS in the past, now SOLAS, with up-skilling, training and developing unemployed persons in Ireland. CCT is a well established provider of programmes related to this national funding, and is recognised for provision of programmes aligned to this funding.

5. State Funded Initiatives

CCT has provided higher education programmes wholly funded by the Irish State under the Springboard initiative, since it was launched in 2011.

6. CCT Scholarships

On an annual basis, CCT releases details about the College Scholarship Scheme for Irish School Leavers, whereby, students interested in enrolling in a higher education and training programme at CCT, can avail of a full year 1 scholarship fees exemption. Prospective applicants, must fulfil the following application criteria:

  • You must apply for CCT on the CAO Application Form
  • You must send in a letter of application for the CCT Scholarship Scheme for Irish School Leavers competition, along with a one page essay detailing your reasons and motivation behind your desire to embark on a career in Computing and IT
  • Further details on any IT / Computing projects you may have completed so far

CCT encourages prospective applicants to be as innovative and creative as they possibly can with their essay and/or project, in the application.

CCT College Dublin also provides three General Student Scholarships, up to a value of EUR1,000 per scholarship awarded, to three lucky candidates, who satisfy the following criteria:

  • The scholarship will be awarded to candidates who successful complete an in-house interview. This semi-structured interview will deal with all aspects of a client’s application including prior academic success, career plans and commitment to education.
  • Students can apply for this scholarship by simply making it known to the college, on the application form, that they wish to be considered for this partial General Student Scholarship.